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Currently, most experts in the field keeps track of the ongoing liberalization in the French market, which has a value of billions of euro (see also the report of the MECN on the French market of gambling). However, some smaller countries, such as Switzerland, overshadowed, sometimes almost neglected, they get partial liberalization of their markets of gambling.

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But why should we care about markets such as Switzerland that in each case with about 7.6 million inhabitants it is the largest of the Greater London? For Switzerland, the answer is simple:

  • Switzerland is making the liberalization without legal pressure. The majority of European countries, such as Denmark, France, Italy, have revised their rules regarding games of chance under pressure from the European Commission and Court of Justice of the European Communities, to fit with Community law. Since Switzerland is not an EU member state, can not be subjected to the same pressure, however, is reflecting on the possibility of opening the important parts of its market of online gambling. This shows the pressure that offers online foreign can exercise when it comes to managers and government revenues.
  • Focused on the segment of the online casino. While the majority of EU Member States, for their liberalization, focus on segments of the online betting and poker (eg France), Switzerland focuses on the opening segment of online casinos. For this reason, the attention of all casino operators (offline and online), which are usually neglected by liberalization, is interested in the developments in Switzerland.
  • The liberal approach to poker. Compared to many other states, Switzerland managers can organize private-money poker tournaments. In our opinion, this leaves room for hope that the segment of online poker is considered as part of the liberalization schedule.